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Roll Your Own Cigarette Tobacco

  • Pure Tobacco Taste
  • NO Chemical Additives
  • Freedom from cigarette taxes
  • Less than $15 per carton for literally the best tasting cigarette you've ever tasted

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Smoke the Best Cigarettes You've Ever Tasted For Less Than $15.00 a Carton

One pound of tobacco will make approximately two and one half cartons of cigarettes. For less than $15.00 per carton you can smoke pure tobacco, no chemicals, no fillers, no additives

Brightleaf Tobacco is known for its smooth intense flavor. Canadian FLue Cured Tobacco is the premium of brightleaf tobacco. Try some today for a new experience in RYO (Roll Your Own) Cigarettes

Strong Full Flavored Tobacco. Marlboro and Pall Mall are full flavor smokes.Made with mostly American Flue Cured Tobacco Leaf. This Tobacco is grown for its strong, full flavor

A mix of 50% Canadian Brightleaf Tobacco, 25 % Full Flavored American Tobacco and 25% of our finest Virginia Flue Cured Tobacco. This is the blend most of our customers prefer.

Buying Cigarette Tobacco Online
If you are looking for an Online Tobacco Shop, you have come to the right website. With todays extreme cigarette prices, more people are discovering the benefits of rolling tobacco. it is ironic that as "roll your own cigarettes" becomes a national trend. Many people who began to roll your own "RYO" for the price saving, find that they can taste the ammonia and other harsh chemicals in the commercial cigarettes that they used to buy Those who truly enjoy smoking cigarettes find that the best cigarettes come from pure tobacco leaf. If you are seeking the best Cigarette Tobacco available at any price, you have come to the right online smoke shop.

All About Rolling Tobacco

Humidity is probably the most important issue affecting your search for the perfect cigarette. That’s why cigar connoisseurs use humidors to regulate the humidity. Tobacco dries out in the air conditioning making for a harsher, faster burning smoke. The commercial cigarette companies use glycol, a jell like chemical to maintain humidity. We recommend a sealed glass container that way when you find your optimum humidity for rolling your cigarettes the way you like them, you can consistently roll the perfect cigarette. Within the glass jar you can use rice to lower the humidity or lettuce to raise the humidity.
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It Really is about taste

When you blend your own tobacco leaves you can match the flavor of your preferred cigarettes, you can match the flavor of Marlboro Cigarettes, Winston Cigarettes, Newport Cigarettes, Camel Cigarettes, 305 Cigarettes, L&M Cigarettes, Pall Mall Cigarettes, Salem Cigarettes, Menthol Cigarettes, or any other brand you prefer.

Find out why more and more people are deciding to the Roll Their Own Cigarettes. for a few minutes effort you can make your own cigarettes which are legally tax free, cost less than anything you have ever smoked, are the free of any chemical additives. Smoking pure chemical free tobacco leaf will enable you to taste the harsh chemicals in your old brand.
RYO - (Roll Your Own) - for the best
Cigarettes You Will Ever Smoke !

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With A Good Rolling Machine

In the time it takes you to brew a cup of coffee in the morning, you can make fresh cigarettes at home. You can make cigarettes from Natural Tobacco without chemical additives. You won't be smoking reconstituted tobacco. You can smoke Pure Natural Whole Leaf tobacco. We used to sell and give away the cheap cigarette rolling machines. they were plastic, hard to use, and would break leaving a dissatisfied customer. Eventually we had to stop carrying the cheap plastic rolling machines as they ended up leaving a bad first impression upon potential customers and costing us more than they were worth.

RYO Cigarettes
A tax free alternative to commercial cigarettes that cost less, taste better simple like that.

Tobacco Leaf

When you buy whole leaf premium tobacco leaves you need to process them yourself. The result will be a superior cigarette at an affordable price with no CHEMICALS added. When you buy our premium whole leaf tobacco you are getting quality cigarettes that end up costing you about $20.00 a carton. You can check out our You Tube Channel to view the process. Please Note: These tobacco leaves should be blended to your own personal taste. Experimenting with our different cigarette rolling tobacco brands is both encouraged and recommended. What type of cigarette tubes you choose will also make a big impact on the taste and strength of your blends. If you are not sure which tobacco leaves to buy just give us a call and we will walk you thru the process.

Cigarette Tubes

A Carton contains 200 filtered tubes. When buying cigarette tubes remember that it makes a world of difference which tube you buy depending on the type and flavor of cigarette you prefer. If you smoke full flavor cigarettes you would of course buy full flavor tubes. If you smoke light cigarettes you would want to make sure that you use light tubes with a light tobacco. What makes the cigarette light is not just the tobacco the tubes also are micro-perforated with many very small holes in the filter. This is the case with all cigarettes even store bought. There are a many people that smoke Menthol cigarettes and believe that the menthol is in the tobacco. This is not the case. Menthol tobacco was outlawed long ago. The menthol is in the tubes even in store bought cigarettes. So of course you would want to buy menthol tubes.


Pure Farm Fresh Flavor – An Organic, Chemical Free Solution to Your Wholesale Cigarette Tobacco RYO Needs

Natural Whole Leaf Cigarette Tobacco Wholesale Cigarette Tobacco was formed to provide you with a premium quality natural tobacco leaves for your smoking pleasure at an affordable price. With the cost of cigarettes skyrocketing more and more smokers are opting to Roll Their Own Premium Tobacco Leaves at home. It's not like back in your Grandfathers day's. We provide you with everything that you require to Roll you Own tobacco and have premium quality cigarettes. Wholesale Cigarette Tobacco is your number one, online source for whole tobacco leaves by the pound. We've done our best to make our website an easy to use, online platform for purchasing whole leaf tobacco, unprocessed cigarette tobacco, tobacco leaf, shade tobacco leaf, fronto leaf, and much more!

When you blend your own tobacco leaves you can match the flavor of your prefered cigarettes

. You can match the flavor of Marlboro Cigarettes, Winston Cigarettes, Newport Cigarettes, Camel Cigarettes, 305 Cigarettes, L&M Cigarettes, Pall Mall Cigarettes, Salem Cigarettes, Menthol Cigarettes, or any other brand you prefer. Your Favorite Brand Of Cigarrettes Many of the benefits of buying our tobacco and rolling your own cigarettes far out weigh's any small inconvenience associated with Rolling your Own Cigarettes. We provide you with your own custom blend, chemical free tobacco leaves and you use your own cigarette rolling machine to ROLL your Own Cigarettes…. In 3 minutes you have a pack of freshly rolled cigarettes. The tobacco we sell has been cured, dried, blended, and aged. It is not ready to smoke until you shred it. These leaves are a blended mix of flue cured, burley, and oriental tobacco leaves. The mid rib stem has not been removed. Since it's just leaves, you know there is no reconstituted tobacco mixed in. There are no additives.

Tobacco Leaf shredders & RYO Accessories

To roll you own cigarettes you need a few tools. You will need to buy a tobacco shredder to shred your tobacco leaves. You will also need a cigarette rolling machine. There are many rolling machines on the market today and we have tried most of them ourselves. We have the top rolling machines in our shopping cart for your convenience. If your budget allows it the fresh choice tobacco leaf rolling machine is the best on the market today. If your budget does not allow you to buy the fresh choice cigarette rolling machine the next best brand in our opinion is the Top-O-Matic. If you have a machine that you have found to work great just let us know so we can add it to our inventory for all our other customers.

There is no Federal Tax on Whole Leaf Tobacco

Currently, both businesses and consumers need not worry about federal tobacco taxes on whole leaf tobacco. Our tobacco is not technically a tobacco product, nor is it processed tobacco. It is a raw agricultural commodity with stem and whole leaf in-tact, and is therefore not taxable as roll-your-own, pipe, or otherwise. Or as the Federal Government explains the regulation : (2) Limitation of authority.-- ``(A) In general.--The provisions of this chapter shall not apply to tobacco leaf that is not in the possession of a manufacturer of tobacco products,

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which passed regulation of Tobacco and Cigarettes to the FDA

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